Christmas (week) in Canmore ~ how the Supina/Slade's finished off 2015!

We had to kidnap our kids this Christmas.

23,22,20,19 and 15 respectively and in order to spend some uninterrupted quality time with them, (ie away from friends and tomfoolery), we had to book a few days away in the mountains and then guilt them into going. Well not really... once we said "Banff" and " Canmore", they were all in. All except Brit, who works retail. Can you imagine? A retail store that wont give time off at Christmas? Bah!

It was snowy and foggy and crisp and beautiful and messy and silly and so much fun. And I'm pretty thankful I didnt have to be a part of lugging that enormous mattress back up the condo stairs where we found it! Dutch Blitz, the game of Mow - that's mow... like ow, not oh. And oreo cookies. Ya.

Next year, we're kidnapping Brit too. Aritzia will just have to DEAL!

#Christmas #kids #family #Alberta #Mountains #Banff #Canmore

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