Hi, my name is Jeanelle... My home is in Alberta but I love to travel.

I like Mimosas.

I like short walks on the beach unless the mimosas are a long ways away and if that's the case I like long walks.  

I'm in to fitness. 

Fitness many mimosas into my day as I can. 

All joking aside. 

I love couples in love with each other and their new beginnings. I love families in all their sibling / parent / fur baby rivalry and glory. I love teenagers on the edge... of adulting and figuring out who they are and just on the edge of everything in general and I love all the occasions that bring us all together.

Our kids love to dig out our old photo albums and thumb through the (badly) scrap-booked pages.  They laugh and reminisce and before you know it the living room is boisterous as stories rifle back and forth and instantly we time travel - all of us together.  We belly laugh, accuse and point and correct each other and laugh some more and sometimes a tear trickles when we see gramps or granny and we remember them as they were before…we lost them.


Real moments. Un-posed; un-rehearsed and full of all the memories that stitch themselves together into years.


This is what fuels my passion. Capturing authentic humans; full to the brim with all the "feels" and full of the beauty of being exactly. Who. They are.

And I want to capture you and yours so that  you can time-travel too.